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To connect the communities of District 3 as we work to protect our legacy; while revitalizing our neighborhoods, ensuring  fair/affordable housing, enhancing our infrastructure, and partnering to create programs that engage our youth.



Ensure Fair Housing Opportunities

We have to continue to be intentional with creating and ensure affordable housing opportunities within District 3.

Fair/Affordable housing is essential to ensuring that every family has the freedom and opportunity to thrive. Brandon Graham understands that the challenges impacting access to affordable housing are different across communities. Brandon is committed to partnering with local governments to develop solutions that work for District 3 and the city if Atlanta.


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Increase Business Development

Increasing Business Development within District 3 is pivotal to our economic ecosystem and job opportunities for our community.

Increasing and developing our business community is vital to the success and well being of our district. My goal is to asset map the businesses in our community while also engaging with new developments and ensuring that a percentage of their workforce will be District 3 residents. Attracting new and established business owners to District 3 with our overall vision and mission to increase our job opportunities with our community.


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As the entire country has been rocked by the Covid-19 Pandemic our health, economy, job market, and mental health has been greatly impacted. There is a direct correlation via the Crime Data across the country to the impact of the Pandemic to the increase in crime.  However my mission is to be vigilant in ensuring that we can Work, Live, and Play SAFELY in Atlanta.  

There has been a serious increase of crime and violent acts within the City of Atlanta.  A total of 157 people were killed across the city in 2020, the most in more than two decades. Since then, Atlanta police have investigated 37 more homicides as murders surged by about 60% through the first three months of 2021, records show. 


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Help Protect Legacy Residents from Investors

Legacy residents and their families are being targeted by investors, developers and real estate attorneys to sell their properties.

We have to ensure the proper measures and protocols are developed to help protect Legacy residents and their families are being targeted by investors, developers and real estate attorneys to sell their properties. Low-income and developing neighborhoods are initial targets to swindle and lure legacy residents and their families into selling their homes below market value.


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District 3 is a very vast and diverse economic district we want to become cross functional as we work, play, live and better our area.

Connecting our communities is an integral part in bettering our engagement with community stakeholders, businesses and residents. Meetings, live events, virtual events, and a centralized district website is important to enhancing community involvement and pride. Coming together as a district to identify who we are, our mission and goal is imperative as we live, work, play and dream.


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Create Youth Programs

As a district we have to engage our Youth and provide them with programs, workshops and opportunities that are meaningful and impactful to their future.

The youth within District 3 deserve a well lit path to job opportunities, educational programming, and an increased presence of community engagement. One of our main goals is to provide them with employability skills that are a part of a pipeline to employment and educational opportunities. The more intentional we are with developing a strong and purposeful infrastructure for our youth, we can decrease the juvenile crime rate.